Incredulous Joy


Day 14

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Abbey of Gethsemani

Fr. Michael gave the homily at Mass on this day. The title of his sermon was Incredulosu Joy. He told a delightful parable about a snail: A snail was climbing up a cherry tree but the tree was bare. Some birds laughed at him and one bird flew over to mock him by saying: Hey, stupid don’t you know there is no fruit on that tree. The snail kept climbing and replied: Yes, I know, but there will when I get there.
This is what our spiritual journey is like. We climb and move ever so slowly towards Christ but sometimes we cannot see any fruit. Only when we arrive will the fruit be visible.

Fr. Jim joined me for supper. He recently retired as the Retreat House chaplain. He has been such a blessing to me over the years. We met in the Norton Dinning Room which is the only place you can eat and talk. Fr. Jim is an excellent priest and he asked how my spiritual work was going. I confessed that my heart was like a stone. I was cold and frozen inside. I could not seem to open myself up fully to God. He said he would pray for the Holy Spirit to ignite in me.

It was raining when I left him. I sat in the regular dining room and watched the rain. Suddenly a burst of sunlight appear and seemd to shine directly on me. The sun almost blinded me.  W2G Fr. Jim! The Holy Spirit ignited. Then it hit me and I ran outside. There it was…a rainbow. It was an expereince of Incredulous Joy…rain and sun combining to create beauty and a reminder of God’s faithfulness and promise.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

One thought on “Incredulous Joy

  1. What a great story. We hope you are having a restful and joyful time. We miss you, Xiao, Hadessah and Robin


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