Christmas in April

imageDay 15

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Abbey of Gethsemani

Today was a rainy day.  I slept in and moved very slowly.

My favorite room in the Retreat House is the Meditation Room.  It is located on the third floor at the end of the hall way..,a stone’s throw from my room.  When I arrived, it was being refurbished.  It still has the smell of fresh paint and new wall paper.  The room is simular to a small living room.  It has a couch, several chairs and big window which overlooks the garden.  There is small sculpture of a man praying on the window sill along with a bible.  This is place where I do my Centering Prayer and daily devotional.  After prayers, I often just sit and gaze out the window.

Today, I noticed something usually on the cedar tree just out the window.  There were drops of moisture handing on the tip of the branches.  These drops of rain were like tiny jewels.  They glistened like lights on a Christmas tree.  Today the Holy Spirit surprised me with a litle Christmas in April. Thank you, Lord!

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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