New Faith-Growing Territory


Day 1

Monday, April 6, 2015

Providence Forge, VA

This card was a gift from a dear friend.  It was the gift of encouragement as I prepared for my sabbatical journey.  My friend was caring for me by reminding me that creating a Holy Pause is not easy in our culture of high speed internet and insant gratification.  My dear friend knew me well enough to know that a Holy Pause is difficult for someone like me who needs to be needed and seems to be in an endless rush..always behind…never finished.

Our new Adminsitrative Asistant stopped by the church office where she found me rushing around trying to get everythibg done before my departure.  She shared her own struggles with her new assignment.  She asked me if I had read the Reflections Devotional for the day.  I had not but I read it later.  The devotional was written by Chris Fuller and it was about the prophet Jonah and his relunctance to move out of his comfort zone.  The question Chris leaves with his readers is this: “What new faith-growing territory does God want you to explore?”  So my journey of new faith-growing territory begins..

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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