Looking for a Sign…

While driving across I 64 to New Harmony on Thursday, I saw three billboards that grabbed my attention. The first was: Looking for a Sign.. This is It.
It was of course an advertisement for the billboard itself. But for me it had a deeper meaning. Sometimes the signs from God are right in front of our eyes if only we take time to see them.
Gethsemani is a place where I hear God speak in so many ways. I hear God’s voice in the silence, in the chanting of the Psalms, in the presence and voices of the monks; in the beauty of the grounds and in spiritual reading I bring with me. This year God has been speaking through the wonderful notes I found in the desk drawer in room 310. So many of these love letters quote scripture.
The second billboard I saw simple said: God Knows. God does know. I see it so clearly.
The third sign said: One in every 5 children will go to bed hungry. Yesterday I met Fr. Jim for dinner in the talking dining room. Before we began to eat, Fr. Jim took my hands and blessed our food. In his prayer he asked God to care for those who have little to eat or no food to eat and all the refugees.
His prayer humbled me. How often have I prayed for those who do not have enough?
It is time for all Christians to join with all those who are working to alleviate this problem. Children should not go to bed hungry. There is enough for all.                         Let us follow Fr. Jim’s example and pray for those in need each time we say grace. Let us also ask God to show us how we can eliminate hungry in our lifetime.
I Count It All Joy,
Pastor Vallerie

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