House Calls



Yesterday I received word that Dr. Farrar Howard, Sr. had died. Dr. Howard was a beloved member of our community. He was also a man of great faith. When he first began his practice in Charles City and New Kent, he was the only physician for both counties. Dr. Howard made house calls. I have heard him share some of his stories about the funny things that happened to him during those house calls. He had a great sense of humor. He will be sorely missed.
We live in a time when doctors no longer make house calls. It has been said that minsters are the last processionals left to visit the home. But even minsters do not visit like they used too. I don’t want to sound like a Pollyanna who is longing for the good old days but I do want to ask you a question. When was the last time you invited someone other than a family member to your house for dinner?
Yesterday, September 1, I made two restaurant calls     I drove to New Harmony, IN, and met Mary for lunch. It was delightful to see her and spend some time in good conversation. Mary retired from SIU at the end of May of this year. She is more relaxed and enjoying her new pace.
I left Mary and head back across Indiana to visit four psychiatric nurses. These are women who have made many a house call over their professional lives. They all worked for VA Nursing Association at one time which is how I came to know them. They were all part of Dorothy’s (my spiritual mother) nurses group.
Today one of them is completely retired, two are working part time and one is still working full time. The three that are working are all employed at Bridge Haven, a place that helps those who are in need of mental health care. I admire them and always enjoy our time together. Today I give thank all those who help us when we are in need physical and emotional care. May God bless all those who make house calls.
I count it all joy,
Pastor Vallerie

2 thoughts on “House Calls

  1. Thank you for including us in the blog. A small correction is two of us work full time one only Debbie works part time although her days with us are quite full days. It was great to see you and thanks for being ok that I bring my grandson he sure enjoyed that $1 you gave him. Will look forward to our gathering next time your in town. Love Ruby


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