Au revoir


Mary and I in front of the Embassy Suite Hotel

Day 77-Part I

Sunday, June 21, 2015-Father’s Day

Northern VA

This morning we headed back to Dulles International Airport to drop Mary off.  She flew back to St. Loius and and then drove back to Carbondale, IL.  After a minor glick (plane maintenance) she arrived safely for which I was very grateful.

I am thankful for Mary’s comapanship and for her practicality.  Every morning she would carefully look at the map of whatever city we were in and plan out our means of transportation for the day.  Because of her, we became familar with the London Underground and nagivated it  extremely well.  She studied the Oxford bus system and we rode the bus almost ever where we went while there. She was never without a map in hand.  She kept this directional challenged preacher on course.  In additon, she had to pull me out of the street more than once because I looked the wrong way.

Most of all, it was such a joy to spend time together in places we both enjoyed and appreciated.  I am truly thankful for my dear friend.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerei

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