Back in the USA

Day 76

Saturday, June 20, 2015

From Paris, France to Northern Virginia, USA

We left Paris shortly before 9 a.m. and we were at Charles De Galle Airport before 10 a.m.  At the airport we encountered a few more minor bumps on our way to getting back home.  The first bump was slightly comical and typical of me.  I guess I really did over stuff my suit case because as the taxi driver was pulling it out of his car, one of the wheels came off.  He went and secured a luggage cart so we could to manage our cases reasonable well until the airline sent them up the conveyer belt.

Our next bump was not quit so comical unless you were looking at my face at the time.  After going through secuirty, both Mary and I were “padded down” by a French woman security officer.  This was a very thorough search and I must confess somewhat disconcerting.  Mary took in stride a little better than I did.  I felt like I was being whisk off to prison.

Having seen a Starbuck’s in the ariport, I was sure there would be one somewhere near our gate.  WRONG!  The design of the Chales De Galle Airport is very different from a typical American airport.  Our choices in the confined circularly gate area were very limited.  We could purchase duty free perfume or candy or buy a drink from a machine.   However, God bless Mary.  She managed to find a small counter cafe where she kindly purchased me a cup of tea.  I have developed a real love of tea while we were in England.

Although instructions about where to line up for boarding are given in both French and English, we had trouble understnading exactly where we to go and when.  This was in part because they used two gates for boarding one plane.  Fortunately, an American, who was apparently a seasoned traveller, helped us out.

We had a wonderful eight hour flight.  I watched two movies and four episodes of the Big Bang Theory, which kept me all the way laughing back home.

I know I am repeating myself, but I am so profoundly grateful for everything I have experienced.  We were blessed in every way possible.  It is also so very good to be back home again.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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