The British Museum


The Cyrus Cylinder-Mid 6th Century BC

Day 73

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

London, England

After careful consideration, Mary and I decided the best way to spend our last day in London was to visit the British Museum.  It was twice the size of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.  Perhaps a full week might do it justice.   It was be impossilbe to see the entire museum in one day.  So we did as we did in Oxford and visited the Top Ten Exhibits.

The British Museum is filled with artifacts dating back as far as the Bronze Age 4.  It was rich with the treasures of civilization from every continent. As we were visitng the Top Ten, we passed through many rooms and saw so much beauty and history.  Steve Law advised me that if was able to visit the British Museum to make sure I saw ther Cyrus Cylinder. (pictured above)

The Cyrus Cylinder dates from the reign of Cyrus the Great who ruled between 550 and 530 BC.  The text, written in script called cuneiform claims that Cyrus restored temples in neighboring cities and returned deported people to their home.  A reference to Cyrus granting permission to restore the Temple can be found in the book of Erza

This was a great way to end out time in England.  God has blessed us with grace upon grace and we remain truly thankful for all of our experiences.  We thank each of you for your prayers.

Next stop..,Paris!   We will be taking the Chunnel to Paris in the morning.  I don’t know what the WiFi situation will be Paris.  I will blog as soon as I am able.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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