Big Ben

Day 72

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From Cambridge back to London. England

This morning Mary and I boarded a train and came back to London. We left Cambridge at 10:15 am and we were in London by 11:00 am.  Can you believe that?  The time and the train seemed to fly. 

We are back at the Lancaster Hall Hotel and staff recognized us when we walked in the door which gave us a nice feeling. After checking in, we headed to Westminster Abbey. 

When we were talking to the Verger, Mike Stranks, at Holy Trinity Church, we learned that church members and friends of C. S. Lewis had raised money to place a stone in his honor at Westminster Abbey.  It was placed there in 2013 on the 50th anniversary of his death. We had not seen it when we there and decided to go back to find it. It is in a prominent place in the poet’s corner of the Abbey and a fitting tribute to Lewis. 

More Importantly, the stone points all you see it to Jesus Christ   Around his name and dates are his words: “I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I can see it but because by it I can see everything else.”  It is a timeless quote. 

After Evensong we left the Abbey by the Great West Door.  As soon as we rounded the corner, we saw Big Ben. This is the most famous clock in the world. Seeing Big Ben  reminded me that our time in England will soon be coming to end.  We will endeavor to make the most of tomorrow, our last day.  

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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