Day 48

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mt Airy, Maryland

Today was my day to spend with my niece, Olivia.  She is a freshman at Liganore High School in Mt Airy.  Olivia is a very talent gymnast.  She has won local, regional and state competions.  She is also working part time as a dance instructor whcih gives her a little pocket money.  She is very pretty and well mannered.  She is also somewhat shy.  She is the one in the family who favors my mother.  Olivia was born after Mom had been diagnosed with cancer.  I remember the last time my mother held her.  She was only three months old.

Olivia and I went to see Perfect Pitch II. We both enjoyed the movie.  After the film, we walked over to Macaroni Grill and enjoyed an Italian supper.  I loved sharing time with my niece and getting a view into her world.  Our day together was pure delight!

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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