Aunt Patsy


Day 47

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Silver Spring, Maryland

I got up early to meet Dean for breakfast. We met at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Aspen Hill.  I wanted to meet him there because I had a date with our Aunt Patsy.  She is my father’s only sister and one of only two living aunts. She lost her husband, Uncle Bill, several years ago.  She lives in the house where they raised their family.

I got to her home a little before 11 a.m.  I was early  She was shocked.  We sat and talked and caught up on family news.  I promised to take her to lunch.  We decided to go to her favorite place, The Apollo.  This is the place where Uncle Bill and her had lunch almost everyday.  We sat in her booth.  I had pork chop and she had turkey.  The food was good and the portions were more than generous.  I ate all of mine but she needed a box.  The remaining food would be her supper.  When we arrived back at her home,  I asked her if she needed me to do anything for her.  She told me she had an ant problem.  I told her that when I have ants, I use terro.  So we got back into the car and headed for Kmart.  I was not familar with the store.  After wandering around, I realized we were headed in the wrong direction and I told her we needed to turn aorund.  She looked at me and said. “Your bossy!”  I told her she was not the first person to tell me that.  LOL

We purchased the terro and came back and set the traps.  I checked in on her a couple a days ago.  The ants were still present.  She and Nifa (her helper) had gone back to Kmart to purchase more terro.  I hope it works.  It was a joy to spend the day with Aunt Patsy even if she does think her niece is bossy!

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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