Owen at Northgate High School Award Ceremony on Thursday


Owen receiving his award at Duquesne University

Day 41

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA

Today I spent the entire day with Greg, Christine, Owen and Brendan.  It was a very special day for Owen  We loaded up the car and headed to Duquesne University to attend a unique award ceremony.  Along with about 30 other exceptional students from all over PA, Owen received High Honors from the John Hopkins Univeristy Talent Search.  The picture above shows him receiving his metal.  He will attending a specail camp this summer and the “Grand Ceremony” will take place on the campus of John Hopkins In October.  Needless to say, I am one proud aunt!

Owen is an excellent reader and he has real aptitude for math.  Although he is in middle schol, he is already taking advance math courses.  He is quiet and enjoys video games.  He is senstive.  For example, I learned that recently that he gave generously of his own money to help with the Wounded Warrior Project.

After the ceremony and reception, the family and I headed to Lu Lu’s (Owen’s choice) to celebrate.  Lu Lu ‘s is a Asian noodle restaurant and we all enjoyed their tasty fare.  After lunch,  Chrsitine and I did a little shopping in Macy’s while the guys hung out.  Chrsitine is an excellent shopper and has a wonderful sense of fashion.  She helped me pick out a blouse to wear in Paris.

Then it was off to the Incline.  I had always wanted to take the 15 minute steep ride up to Mt. Washington.  My brother, Greg and I did it.  The rest of the family met us at the top of the hill where we had a magnificent view of the city.  After I treated everyone to ice cream, we headed home.  My brother and I enjoyed  one more event together.  We watched the Preakness.  W2G American Pharaoh!  It was especially meaningful to Greg because he had just been at the Kentucky Derby. Thank you Greg, Christine, Owen and Brendan for a day I will always remember.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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