Day 42

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA

As I have mentioned in my blog, part of my sabbatical plan was to spend time with each of my nephews and neices.  I asked Owen and Brendan what they wanted to do and they choose horsebacking riding.  We invited Evan to come along.  Chrsitine found a wondeful place for us to go riding so with Even behind the wheel of my car, the guys and I headed to Rolling Hills Ranch.

This was the first itme I had ever been on a horse.  I asked the woman in charge for the mildest horse they had.  She gave me Alex.  Evan was given Red Dragon; Owen was given Pepper and Brendan was given Lumpy.  I confess that I was very nervous.

As soon as we started down the trail, Alex took off like a race horse and rode passed all of the other horses. The instructor was yelling: “Pull the reins, pull the reins!” I was screaming: “I want off, I want off!” After my wild ride, she guided me and Alex back to the barn while the guys headed down the trail and into the woods. I am glad I had the expereince but horse riding is just not for me. (Sorry, Melanie!)

We ended our adventure with dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Pittsburgh. This is Owen and Brendan’s favorite restaurant. We enjoyed a wonderful meal while laughing and talking. I have to say that Brendan really enjoyed the fresh bread and herb butter! It was a joy to be together. Thanks, Evan, Owen and Brendan for stretching my comfort zone. You’re the best!

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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