Giving Birth-Thursday Aptil 7, 2016

New Harmony has 13 sculptures placed through-out the town. Each one has religious significance. The PIETA (pictured below) is located in the Roofless Church. It was sculpted by Stephen de Staebler. The sculpture is an image of the crucified Christ giving birth to each of us from his heart.
Sixteen years ago today my mother, Sallie King, died. Her life and death have impacted my life in profound ways. She left me, and each of her children, a legacy of love.
Each of us is born from a human mother. But every person is also born from the heart of God. That is why it so important that we that we love one another and strive to be kind to each other. This is the way I try to live but I admit that I often fail to love and act with kindness.
I was blessed to have Sallie King as a mother. She left me a set of values which have served me well. Our home was always open to to others. We shared what we had even when we had very little. She taught us not to judge others by what they had or their outward appearance. She pointed us to Christ by taking us to church and by setting an example of Christ’s love in her actions and behavior.
Each of us leave a legacy behind. We all birth a part of ourselves into the world. We all contribute something to one another be it for good or for evil. Just as Christ has birth each of us out his great love for us, shouldn’t we be birthing his love into the world?
I am thankful for my mother and gifts she “birthed” within me. I am also thankful for those who “birth” love into our world.image

I Count It All Joy,
Pastor Vallerie

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