The Things We Do For Love-Part II

My life is an open book.  In the long run I truly believe that is the way Jesus wants all of us to live.  But  sometimes my raw honesty comes back to haunt me. For example, what was I thinking when I posted the blog about my one time adventure riding a horse?  Giddy up indeed!  That blog really came back to bite me.

Imagine my surprise when upon my return from sabbatical on Sunday, June 28th when our current VBS Director let me know of her plans for me.  After the  lovely dinner and the warmest of welcomes, reality really hit me in the face.  Our VBS Director informed me that I was  riding a horse to raise money for missions this year.  Not a horse, I protested.  Anything but another ride on horse.  Don’t worry, they have assured me this horse is very gentle.  Where have I heard that before?  I pleaded with her and finally she consented to allow me to kiss the horse instead of riding it.  I felt I had a reprieve.

The boys and girls met their misson goal.  I was happy to kiss the horse.  But someone, I’m really not sure who, shouted out to the children that if they exceeded their goal, I would also ride the horse.  Before I could turn around, the horse ride was back on.  What’s a county preacher to do?  She can’t disappoint children.  We raised $346 for  the children of Lee County.  I am very grateful for this effort.  So after giving one horse a frieindly kiss or two, I mounted another and rode around the church back yard  waving and gritting my teeth while Melanie held the reins and guided him along.   He really was a gentle animal.  I  survived yet another VBS. PV rides again.  Oh, the things we do for love!

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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