What’s Up Pops?

Day 79

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meachanicville, VA

I had plaaned to “book end” my sabbatical by spending 24 hours on retreat at Richmond Hill.  Before heading there, I asked my friend Jerry to meet me for lunch at the Peking Restaurant in Mechanicsville.  It seemed fitting since this was the way I began my sabbatical  journey.

I confessed to Jerry that I was  not sure I wanted to go through with the retreat. I had so much unpacking and sorting still left to do.  Jerry insisted that I needed go and to be open to what God had in store for me because my journey was not over.  Actually, our spiritual journey is never over.  He paraphrased a translation of  a verse in Romans 8 from The Message which says: What’s up Pops?  Jerry inisisted that God (Pops) had something for me.  He was right!  But that’s tomorrow’s post.

i count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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