365 Feet

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St. Paul’s Cahtedral                                                    High Tea at Harrod’s

Day 60-Part I

Thursday, June 4, 2015

London, England

Today was a full day. We had several items on our to do list. Mary skillfully mapped out our travel route by way of the London Underground.  Our first stop was the famous BBC.  We wanted to visit the building because it was there that C. S. Lewis broadcast his famous lectures on Christianity which he eventually published as the book, Mere Christianity.  In front of the BBC building is All Soul’s Church where John Stott served as rector from 1850-1975.

From there we took the Tube to St. Paul’s Cathedral.  This is the church where Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.  The building was designed by Sir Chrisphor Wren.  The dome that crowns this house of worship is a London landmark.  The distance from the floor of the nave to the top of the dome is exactly 365 feet.  Wren designed the cathedral this way because he believed Christians should honor the Lord Jesus Christ 365 days a year.   The art work is magnificant.  It is grand in every way.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures.  However, we did climb the 257 steps to what is known as the “Whispering Gallery.”  From this height you can see the art work that lines the ceiling.  Mary went farther than I did.  She climbed an additional 271 narrow steps to reach the very top of the dome which is outside.  There she had a breathtaking view of London and a unique view of cathedral floor.  I enjoyed the rest.

After our time at St. Pauls, we got back on the Tube and headed for Harrod’s Department Store. This is where the extremely weathy shop.  We enjoyed looking but we could never afford to buy.  We rounded our day off with High Tea in Harrod’s Georgian Room which was our total food budget for the day!

The words of Psalm 96:4 are written on the ceiling in the cathedral: “The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised.”  I am thankful for talened men and woman who praise God through music, art and architecture.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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