Brother William

Day 26

Friday, May 1, 2015

Abbey of Gethsemani

I was in my room, reading when someone slipped something under my door. ( I suspect the deliver man was the Guestmaster, Fr. Seamus.)  What a nice surprise!  It was a note from Br, William and a gift.

I had written him to tell him I was at the Abbey on sabbatical.  I wanted to thank him for all his encouragement over the years.  He has been after me to write since I was on sabbatical in 2008!   I also desired to share the good news that I had finally taken his advice and started a blog.

In his note, he told me that he was no longer able to walk but that he was at peace with this.  His gift was the current copy of The Merton Seasonal which was celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth.  Thomas Merton, a monk at Gethsemani until his death in 1968, was a prolific and outstanding spiritual writer.  I was deeply touched by Br. William’s generous and thoughtful gift.

I could not help but ask myself this question:  If the day comes when I am unable to walk, will I handle  it with grace and acceptance?  Thank you, Br. William for modeling God’s grace over and over again to me.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

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