Day 22

Monday, April 27, 2015

Louisville, KY

It started several years ago.  My spiritual mother, Dorothy Steedly, was a mental health nurse with VNA. She worked with several wonderful and talented nurses over the years.  After Dot retired, her fellow nurses would get together once a month for a meal.  They would catch-up with one another, exchange books, talk about current events and discuss what was happening in the Mental Health field.  Because Dot and I always went on retreat together, usually in August, over the past several years, I was invited to “tag along” and join the nurses for their monthly gathering.  After Dot’s death, we agreed we would meet when I came to the area for my annual retreat.  We connected through Dot but stayed connected.  Several of us are friends on Facebook.  They are delightful dedicated women who give of themselves generously to those who are facing emotional and mental issues. I am grateful they still let me “tag along.”

We met for dinner at our usual spot, Buckheads. It was wonderful to see them and learn about their lives. Each of them was going through a difficult struggle; a recent surgery, the death of a parent, loss of income and caring for elderly family members. I shared my own struggles from the past year. We listened and laughed and thought of Dot.

I made another connection this day. I was having problems with my new mini Ipad. So I made an appointment with a “genius” at the Apple Store in Louisville. I prayed for that God would send me a kind and patient genius. My prayer was answered and his name was Ross. I had a long list of problems I needed help with. Ross patiently worked through my list. As he re-programing my Ipad; I mentioned that I lived in Louisville when I was attending Southern Seminary many, many years ago. Ross replied: “Really, I am student at Southern and I graduateing on May 16.” Ross is attending a different Southern Seminary from the one I attended. Not in name or location but in theology and practice. When I told him I was a pastor, he didn’t whince. He seemed to be a kind and caring young man who was obviously dedicated to the Lord. I hugged him, congratulated him and wished him blessigns on his future ministry. Hopefully, we both grew as a result of our connection.

Dorothy once told me about a dream she had. She was in heaven and she saw how every person was connected to the other. I told this story at her Memorial Service. God gave Dot a vision of what heaven will be like. Heaven will be place where each of us will discovery how we are conencted to one another through the one who created us all.

I count it all joy,

Pastor Vallerie

One thought on “Connections

  1. It is such a pleasure to get together with you when you are in Louisville. Dot was a spiritual mentor to me as well. I recall her sharing her vision of everyone being connected. It continues to bring special meaning to my relationship with others. I am so happy for you to be able to have this special experience. -love from Debby


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