An Ancient Rite

Day 3
Wednesday, April 24, 2015
Richmond Hill in Richmond, VA

The Laying on of Hands

Our Tuesday Evening Centering Prayer Group shared communion. This was something new for us. It was our way of encouraging Mike and Cindy Edson before they traveled halfway around the world to return to the place where they serve so faithfully. After sharing the Lord’s Supper, our group leader asked those present to place their hands on Mike, Cindy and me while he prayed and share a prayer written by one of our members. They prayed for us and blessed us. Mike and cindy were leaving to go back to ministry. I was leaving to rest and renew for future ministry. Both journeys are sacred.
I felt the Holy Spirit pour over me as my friends placed their hands upon me and spoke words of blessing. I was blessed several times at Emmaus before leaving. The Board of Deacons laid their hands on me and prayed for me. The Pastor Relations Committee did the same. The entire church was invited to place their hands on me as Pastor Mike prayed at the conclusion of our Easter Sunday service.
The Laying on of Hands is an ancient rite which has been practiced by believers since the 1st century. I so grateful for this gift of anointing.
Pastor Vallerie

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